Special Event Cakes

Special Occasion or just a treat?

We can put Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary on the top of cakes!! Or you can just have a cake for no reason.

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“Abba-Salutely Fabulous”
Choc Mousse Cake

A round mousse cake, layered with dark & white chocolate mousse, surround by a vanilla & chocolate striped sponge crowned with dark & white curls.

Price $89

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“All That Jazz”
Orange & Almond Cake

A moist, gluten and diary free cake made from traditional orange and almond meal, covered in almond pieces, dusted with icing sugar.

Price $79 GF DF

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“New York New York”
Celestial Mud Cake

A heavenly gluten free mud cake with a layer of dark chocolate ganache.

Price $49 GF

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“Mamma Mia”
Black Choc Cherry Cupcake

A round chocolate cupcake topped with sour cherries and cream, then covered with chocolate ganache and chocolate curls and topped with a maraschino cherry.

Price $9 each


Please book your cake option directly through
Ticket Shop when booking your tickets. Email them by filling in the below form
or call 07 4727 9797.